Be Honest With Yourself: Living Prophets

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From 1962 —

Living Prophets

Today, as always when the truth church has been on the earth, there stands at its head a prophet of the Lord. What kind of man is he? What of the eight other prophets who preceded him in this dispensation?

To each was given special blessings. By each was a special mission required.

Joseph Smith rose from obscurity to restore, under Divine direction, the true Church of Christ. He talked with God. He also earned the trust of thousands of men and women of matchless faith and integrity who knew him best. Before he was forty he had successfully launched the most far-reaching religious movement of his time, and then gave his life for the Truth.

Brigham Young, Joseph’s successor, recharged a discouraged and bereft people, and led them to new lands and new horizons which had been prophetically foreseen and foretold.

John Taylor – he who had miraculously escaped a martyr’s fate at Carthage, possessed of unflinching moral and physical courage and great wisdom – next guided the church for some eighteen years.

Then came Wilford Woodruff, mild of manner, guileless, tender, tireless and full of faith – essential traits for his time and mission.

Lorenzo Snow in three short years lifted the church from its chains of financial bondage as it members responded to his plea for tithes and offerings, and were rewarded through ‘the windows of heaven.”

Of Joseph F. Smith, sixth president and prophet, an associate wrote: “That great heart, encased in his insignificant frame, made him the biggest, the bravest, the tenderest, the purest and best of all men who walked the earth in his time.”

Of Heber J. Grant, one who knew him well said: “I know of no man who has been more generous of himself and the means that came into his hands.”

And of President George Albert Smith, another wrote: “He has lived as nearly as it is humanly possible for a man to live a Christ-like life.”

Now what of President David O. McKay? Who but a living prophet could see with such clarity the worldwide mission and present opportunities for expansion of the Church? Who but a living, loving, anointed prophet could see so far, dare so much and be so trusted and tested?

Here, surely, is a church of living prophets – the true Church of Jesus Christ.


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